ABI Pea/Lentil Liquid Inoculant


SKU# 4505abm = 4x3.0 L (.08 gal.) bladders, case treats 160x60 lbs. seed

SKU# 4505abmea = 1x3.0 L (.08 gal.) bladder, bladder treats 40x60 lbs. seed

1 year dated

America’s Best Inoculant® for Peas and Lentils is made in the USA and was developed by a leading authority of legume inoculants. It has been found to be adaptable to many different types of soils. ABI for Peas and Lentils is available in a convenient 3.0 liter pouch.

With growers experiencing increased yields, the decision to use an inoculant this season for peas and lentils is an easy one. And, it only costs pennies per acre to inoculate with America’s Best Inoculant®. Can you afford to miss that much increased profit?

  • High rhizobia count for increased nodulation and nitrogen capture – 7.5×108 Rhizobium
  • Adaptable to multiple soil types and planting conditions
  • Fast, easy application
  • Compatible with many common seed treatments
  • Available as a 3.0 Liter Sterile Liquid