db B4 ST


SKU# AC01 - db B4 ST 2x2.5 gal/case treats 1280 units or 640 cwt

SKU# AC19- db B4 ST 6x25 fl oz containers treats 300 units

db B4 ST is a biological liquid starter fertilizer additive. This product is compatible with all starter fertilizers, easy and safe for you to use with a one ounce per 100# seed rate.
It is made from four highly beneficial soil living microorganisms. These biologicals break down soil organic matter to increase a release of nutrients to your crop. db B4 ST solubilizes Phosphorus that is in your soil and unavailable to your crop. The increase in Phosphorus availability is needed to begin the production of Chlorophyll and cell growth in the plants. Phosphorus is also needed in high levels for grain production. db B4 ST coats the roots to provide season long increases in Phosphorus availability from your soil as the plant grows. db B4 also chelates zinc and iron from the soil. This provides an increase in zinc and iron to your crop. db B4 ST has shown an average increase of 7 bpa when used on soybeans and +5 bpa on wheat.