db PVL 10,000 LBS or 66 acres


db PVL 10,000 LBS or 66 acres Inoculant = SKU# PVL01db

Package size = 1 x 2.6 gallon jug

Peas thrive well with legume inoculants. When dealing with inoculants for a first time, it’s easy to get confused by what you’re doing. Think of inoculants as the probiotics for your soil’s gut health. They instill what your soil needs to properly nourish and help develop crops.

Your pea crops will grow without inoculation. But, the benefits of inoculants can be felt around the country. Especially if you’re planting peas in colder soil. Inoculants can coat soil and seeds with rhizobia to prep them for earlier planting.