Excalibre Encapsulated Inoculant+Biological


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This item is out of stock

Excalibre Soybean Encapsulated Inoculant+Biological 

SKU# 4054abm - package size 2+2 (2x10 oz pack Excalibre + 2x100 oz pk extender)

SKU# 4054abmea - package size 1+1 (1x10 oz pack Excalibre + 1x100 oz pk extender)

 Excalibre for Soybeans’ triple stack Rhizobia package assures optimum N-fixation under a variety of soil conditions, including hot dry soils, cool and wet conditions, and offers more aggressive nodulation in carryover nitrate situations. Excalibre for Soybeans has been shown to increase plant stand, improve seedling vigor, accelerate canopy closure, and improve nutrient and water efficiency.