Excalibre-SA Soybean


SKU# 4056abm = 2x200 unit, Case treats 400 x 140k unit seed, 1-year dated, priced/case

SKU# 4056abmea = 1x200 unit, partial case treats 200x140k unit seed, 1-year dated, priced/pack

Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans delivers the growth stimulant benefits of the iGET™ Technology PLUS the nitrogen fixation benefits of industry leading Excalibre™ soybean inoculant in a dealer applied package. Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans’ triple stack Rhizobia package assures optimum N-fixation under a variety of soil conditions, including hot dry soils, cool and wet conditions, and offers more aggressive nodulation in carryover nitrate situations. Its low volume application rate minimizes seed tender and planter bridging, and the incorporated flowability polymer assures accurate and predictable planting rates. Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans has been shown to increase plant stand, improve seedling vigor, accelerate canopy closure, and improve nutrient and water efficiency.

Unit size 1x10 oz. pack (dry wt) Excalibre-SA + 1x100 oz. pk Extender