Excavator crop residue breakdown & Nutrient release aid 2x2.5 gal jugs


EXCAVATOR is specifically designed to break down crop residue in the field, improving planter performance, creating stronger stands and releasing valuable nutrients to feed the crop.

The patent-pending formulation of EXCAVATOR is powered by the MICROBILIZEâ„¢ Microbe Technology Delivery System. This system provides the ideal carrier to ensure that microbes stay alive in the jug and have the optimum conditions to begin multiplying and breaking down residue.

The consortium of microbes included in EXCAVATOR are specifically designed to digest crop residue and cycle nutrients back to the soil profile. Additionally, these microbes build improved soil tilth, reduce disease pressure and generate overall increased biological activity.

Use Rate

Apply 12.8 oz per acre with a minimum 10 gal of water.