Exceed 500XR


SKU# vb1015 - Exceed 500XR 1x500 units/case: Treats: 25,000# (11,340 kg) of seed or 500 units Contents: One 12.0 liter (405.77 fl oz) Bladder bag of inoculant and One 2.8 liter (94.6 fl oz) Bladder bag of extender Package Configuration: 1 package per case.

SKU# vb1016 - Exceed 500XR 4x50 units/case: Treats: 2,500# (1,134 kg) of seed or 50 units Contents: Four 1.15 liter (38.88 fl oz) Bladder bag of inoculant and four 0.35 liter (11.83 fl oz) Bladder bags of extender Package Configuration: 4 sets of one inoculant bladder and one extender bladder per case

Active Ingredient: <1% by Weight Bradyrhizobium japonicum per ml: 1x1010 cfu/mL Inactive Ingredient: >99% by Weight 

This inoculant is intended to be applied on-seed. It is a culture of highly effective strain of rhizobia (nitrogen-fixing bacteria) that will colonize the plant roots to gather and fix the “free” nitrogen of the air, making it available to the plants.