EXCEED PreCoat for True Clover 1x5000# *OMRI*


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FULL CASE 1x5000# treat size = SKU vb6005

EXCEED PreCoat is a clay-based pre-inoculant which uniformly adheres to the seed without an added sticking agent. The nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria in a clay-carrier keeps the rhizobia viable and eliminates moisture concerns. Exceed PreCoat allows longer on-seed shelf life and improves seedling vigor with increased root growth and nodule development. 

Benefits of Exceed PreCoat • Increased yields • Improved seedling vigor, increased root growth and nodule development. • Increases nutrient use efficiency • Superior seed adhesion Specifications of Exceed PreCoat • 2 Year + on seed shelf-life • Compatible with most fungicide and insecticide seed treatment chemistries • Compatible with commercial seed treaters • OMRI certification