Exceed Sar for Multicrops


Case size treats 2 x 1280 cwt = SKU# vb17003
1 bottle treats 1 x 1,280 cwt = SKU# vb17003ea
Case size treats 3 x 240 cwt = SKU# vb17002
1 bottle treats 1 x 240 cwt =SKU# vb17002ea

Exceed SAR for Multicrops (corn, canola, soybeans, rice, sugar beets, vegetables, herbs, sunflowers, 
wheat, grains, cereals, legumes and flowers)

The Exceed SAR Chitosan molecule triggers a defense response in the plant. This leads the plant’s immune system to form a bio-chemical barrier against pathogens and disease. The Chitosan molecule signals the seedling to activate a response that primes the plant’s immune system within the cell structure.