EXCEED 'SAR' Plant Defense Booster for SOYBEAN


FULL CASE 2 x 12,500# treatment size = SKU# vb1001

FULL CASE 4 x 2,500# treatment size = SKU# vb1002

Benefits of ExceedSAR

High Yielding Soybeans

• An increase of 3.8 bushels over the non-inoculated control was demonstrated in replicated Midwest trial locations for the 2016 and  2017 growing season. 

Nematode Suppression

• By disrupting the life cycle of the J1 and J2 soybean cyst nematode,  ExceedSAR can alter the effect the nematode has on young soybean plants. 

• A replicated greenhouse study performed in the fall of 2015 at Auburn University showed ExceedSAR to cause a decline in nematode populations  over the control recorded by 86%. 

Plant Vigor

• The ExceedSAR mode of action enables the seed to germinate quickly and stimulates plant hormones responsible for root formation and development. An increase in stand count of 12% DAE has been demonstrated in many trials across the Midwest.