EXCEED Traditional Liquid for Peas,Vetch & Lentils *OMRI*


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This item is out of stock

FULL CASE 1 x 10,000# treatment size = SKU# vb3007

FULL CASE 4 x 2,500# treatment size = SKU# vb3001

OMRI Certification

Designed for the grower who still wishes to apply inoculant on the farm, Exceed Traditional Liquid Inoculant for Peas, Vetch & Lentils offers an excellent choice for superior inoculation. Exceed Traditional Liquid Inoculant is a great choice for high-yield growing environments.


High Concentration

minimum guaranteed analysis of 800 million (8x108) viable cells per gram of Rhizobium leguminosarum.

Application Rate

3.4 fluid oz/cwt.

Familiar Packaging

Available in both 4x50 and 1x200 treatment sizes