Graph-Ex SA Alfalfa/Clover Inoculant


SKU# 3047abm = 12x4 oz. pouch, case treats 1200 lbs. seed or 24x50 Lbs. units

SKU# 3047abmea = 1x4 oz. pouch, pouch treats 100 Lbs. seed

SKU# 3048abm = 6x48 oz. jugs, case treats 7200 lbs. seed or 144x50 lbs. units

SKU# 3048abmea = 1x48 oz. jug, jug treats 1200 lbs. seed or 24x50 lbs. unit

1 year dated

Graph-Ex SA™ for Alfalfa/Clover is an inoculant formulated to assist in establishing and maintaining good plant stand. Graph-Ex SA™ for Alfalfa/Clover contains a specially formulated blend of Excalibre™ Alfalfa/Clover Inoculant plus SabrEx® Root Inoculant formulated in a talc-graphite carrier. A proprietary formulation containing a specific Rhizobium species. Alfalfa is a legume crop that, like soybeans, requires the process of nodulation for healthy plant growth. The Rhizobium will fix nitrogen after becoming established inside the root nodules.

Treats all species listed in both the alfalfa/sweet clover and in the true clover groups:

Alfalfa, bitter clover (sour), black medic, button clover, California bur-clover, fenugreek, hubam sweetclover, little bur-clover, snail bur-clover, spotted bur-clover, Tifton bur-clover, tubercle bur-clover, yellow alfalfa, yellow sweetclover, true clovers (trifoliump spp.), alsike clover, ball clover, berseem clover, bigflower clover, Carolina clover, cluster clover, crimson clover, hop clover, Hungarian clover, ladino clover, red clover, large hop clover, white clover, zigzag clover.