Graph-Ex SA for Dry Bean


SKU# 3051abm = 6x25 oz. jars, case treats 300x50 lbs. seed

SKU# 3051abmea = 1x25 oz. jar, jar treats 50x50 lbs. seed

1 year dated

Graph-Ex SA® Dry Beans is an inoculant, or seed treatment, containing a specially formulated blend of Excalibre™ Inoculant plus SabrEx® Root Inoculant formulated in a talc-graphite carrier. Graph-Ex SA™ for Dry Beans is comprised of both proprietary beneficial bacteria (Rhizobia) and beneficial fungi (Trichoderma) that provide a more efficient use of soil nutrients for the host plant and fix nitrogen after becoming established inside root nodules.

Graph-Ex SA® for Dry Beans treats the following: Black beans, Cranberry beans, Field/Canning beans, Garden or String beans, Great Northern beans, Kidney beans, Navy beans, Pink beans, Pinto beans, Scarlet Runner beans, Snap beans and Wax beans.