Graph-Ex SA for Peanuts Inoculant


SKU# 3060abm = 6x25 oz. jars, case treats 150x50 lbs. seed

SKU# 3060abmea = 1x25 oz. jar, jar treats 25x50 lbs. seed

1 year dated

Graph-Ex SA® for Peanuts contains a specially formulated blend of encapsulated Rhizobium bacteria inoculant plus SabrEx® root inoculant formulated in a talc-graphite carrier developed by the best minds in Rhizobium genetics. Graph-Ex SA® for Peanuts is no ordinary peanut inoculant. The patented proprietary biologicals first colonize the peanut crop root system. Their association with the plant induces gene expression and changes in the plant physiology to enhance multiple biochemical pathways. Crop stresses, such as dry weather, can be alleviated and often systemically – so that root colonization by the seed treatment can affect the physiology of the whole plant, even foliar/leaf biology.