MegaPack Low Volume Liquid Soybean Inoculant


SKU# 2020abm = 2x300 oz. (2.35 gal.) poly jugs, case treats 1,000x140k unit seed

SKU# 2020abmea = 1x300 oz. (2.35 gal.) poly jug, jug treats 500x140k unit seed

MegaPack™ for Soybeans inoculant is a low volume liquid formulation that drastically reduces seed bridging and sticking, especially when applied with seed fungicides or insecticides. It contains three times the Rhizobia, and goes on at about a third of the application rate, as standard liquid formulations. Contains the same triple stack Rhizobia strain package found in America’s Best Inoculant®, for top yield responses. This strain package was developed by the best minds in Rhizobium genetics and is backed by research and scientifically proven test plot results. MegaPack™ for Soybeans has one of the lowest application rates available to keep treated soybean seed flowing. Only 0.6 fl. oz per 50 lbs. soybean seed. Conveniently packaged in a 2.5 gallon jug. Use MegaPack™ for Soybeans with 30 Plus Extender for longer planting windows, a Flowability Polymer for better handling and increased plantability.