Revline Hopper Throttle Soybean Planter Box Treatment


REVLINE® HOPPER THROTTLE™ SOYBEAN (RHTS) is a best-in-class 80/20 talc/graphite combination that ensures optimum performance in today’s high-speed planters. It can take the place of any seed fluency agent.

The base product includes Iron and Manganese—now with the added benefit of 0.43 pounds of IONLOCK™ Zinc. These micronutrients are essential for fast emergence and strong, healthy plants. IONLOCK ZINC is designed to increase singulation performance, adhere microbes to seed coats, and provide valuable early emergence nutrition.

RHTS is powered by BIO‑CAPSULE TECHNOLOGY™ – a patented delivery system that helps farmers save time, labor and fuel. The BIO‑CAPSULE carrier system allows for the addition of multiple biological solutions safely packaged for convenient deployment at planting.

New is a mineralization microbial package to improve nutrient availability and multiple forms of Nitrogen fixating microbes to feed genetic potential in today’s high-yielding soybeans.

Use Rate

Once ready to plant, remove the red stoppers from the BIO-CAPSULE™. Push down on the buttons atop the pail to activate the biologicals and release them into the base. Cap the jug and shake aggressively to blend.

The combined products treat 40 units of soybeans at 140k seeds per unit. Do not activate BIO-CAPSULEs until ready to use. If activated, product is good for 7-10 days.