SabrEx for Cotton In-Furrow


SKU# 1025abm = 2x128 fl. oz. jugs, case treats 256 acres

SKU# 1025abmea = 1x128 fl. oz. jug, jug treats 128 acres

1 year dated

SabrEx® for Cotton delivers the iGET™ Technology package to your cotton crop. It’s the next generation of an ABM® product line successfully used on corn crops for several years. SabrEx® for Cotton is easy to use and delivers impressive and profitable crop responses.

SabrEx® for Cotton is a formulation of four specific and carefully selected, patented proprietary strains of Trichoderma. The Trichoderma colonize with the plant’s root system and develop a symbiotic relationship with the plant, feeding off starches and sugars produced by the plant. In turn, the plant benefits from the Trichoderma as they exude enzymes and proteins for the plant’s use.

SabrEx® for Cotton In-Furrow

SabrEx® for Cotton In-Furrow is a liquid product for on farm use at planting. It has an application rate of 1 fl. oz. per acre. Refer to the SabrEx® for Cotton In-Furrow label for specific rates and directions for use.