SabrEx for Soybeans In-Furrow


SKU# 1032abm = 2x1 gal. jugs/case, case treats 256 acres

SKU# 1032abmea = 1x1 gal. jug, jug treats 128 acres

1 year dated

SabrEx for Soybeans In-Furrow is intended to utilize Trichoderma’s ability to improve nutrient availability to plants. 

SabrEx® for Soybeans is the newest offering in the SabrEx family of products from ABM. It’s a biological seed treatment that is easy to use and delivers increased profitability to growers. It enhances nutrient efficiency that supports root and plant growth. SabrEx® for Soybeans is compatible with many common seed treatments and can be very beneficial to soybeans inoculated with Bradyrhizobia.

The proprietary and patent pending biologicals first colonize the crop root system. Their association with the plant induces gene expression and changes in the plant physiology to enhance multiple biochemical pathways. Crop stresses such as dry weather can be alleviated, and often systemically – so that root colonization by the seed treatment can affect the physiology of the whole plant, even foliar/leaf biology.