SabrEx for Wheat & Cereals LQ


SKU# 1022abm = 8x32 fl. oz. cylinder jugs, wheat seed treated per case 102,400 lbs. or 2,048x50 lbs. wheat seed

SKU# 1022abmea = 1x32 fl. oz. cylinder jugs, wheat seed treated per jug 12,800 lbs. or 256x50 lbs. wheat seed

2 year dated

SabrEx® for Wheat and Cereals LQ Commercial treater formulation, liquid application by commercial treaters, is a seed treatment leading the transition to the future in farming. Specifically formulated to treat wheat seeds, rye, barley, sorghum, oats, spelt, and triticale. Maximize crop production with the benefits of iGET™ Technology.

SabrEx® for Wheat and Cereals LQ

SabrEx LQ is a liquid high concentrate formulation for commercial treaters only. It has a low application rate of .25 oz./100 lbs. of seed. One 32 oz. jug will treat 256 units of wheat. There are 8 jugs/case that will treat 2048 units of seed. Once on the seed, SabrEx® for Wheat and Cereals LQ will not expire for two planting seasons. Applying SabrEx® for Wheat and Cereals LQ to the seed is a convenience to the grower. Refer to the SabrEx® for Wheat and Cereal LQ label for specific rates and directions for use.

SabrEx® for Wheat and Cereals is a formulation of two (2) specific and carefully selected, patented proprietary strains of Trichoderma. The Trichoderma colonizes with the plants’ root system and develops a symbiotic relationship with the plant, feeding off the starches and sugars produced by the plant. In turn, the plant benefits from the Trichoderma as they exude enzymes and proteins for the plants use.

Because the Trichoderma, fungi, found in SabrEx® for Wheat and Cereals work symbiotically with the plant to efficiently utilize moisture and nutrients, the treated crop is able to maintain healthy growth during periods of drought.